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Opinião de Arial do campo verde


VGT adopts sustainable and responsible farming practices through crop rotation, efficient irrigation and soil conservation.


Harvesting at VGT is an important step in the agricultural production process. The company values the quality of its products and, therefore, adopts careful and efficient harvesting techniques.

Our products are harvested at the ideal ripening time to guarantee maximum freshness, quality and flavor. 


Packing and treatment

The packaging and processing of agricultural products at VGT is carried out with the objective of guaranteeing the quality and safety of the food. All products undergo rigorous quality controls and are packaged in accordance with health standards, so that they reach the final consumer fresh and in perfect condition.



The transport of our products is carried out in trucks that are properly trained to take them to their final destination while maintaining their freshness and quality.



Products are stored under appropriate temperature, humidity and ventilation conditions to ensure they remain fresh and healthy for longer.

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